Do you ever have Enough Storage?

You may well have had enough of carrying Floopy disks, CDROMs or DVD’s around with you of your latest holiday pictures or critical business files?

I’ve heard rumors that some people now use iCloud or Google drive or even Dropbox to save pictures or files into.

But if you have Amazon Prime, are you aware you get “unlimited” photo storage for FREE?

It’s not just a deal till this Easter either!

Happy Snapping! < Click here for full details

Elixir back online

Due to Christmas traffic we lost Elixir Remedy website. We’ve been working hard ( ignore the picture) over Christmas to ensure things

run more smoothly.

Don’t forget to stock up  on your winter remedies from our online shop in Spring 2018

Why is Postgres database so popular ?

Neither MySQL nor Oracle are going to lose their places as the Top 2 most popular database technologies in the world anytime soon, to PostgreSQL or anything else. The trends, however, favor PostgreSQL. In part, this is because oldsters appreciate its steady reliability. Hipsters, however, are also glomming onto the virtue of boredom

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