Poor old wheezy his Linux useful days are numbered

Debian support for their Wheezy version 7 of Linux comes to the end this May 2018. After this date no new bug fixes for security patches will be created


So the popular penguin is making the most of things whilst they last.

If you have debian, Ubuntu or kali  Linux installed please check which version is running as you might need to upgrade.

If you need any #Advice on how to #upgrade your #opensource products or serviced please contact SOSC we’re be happy to #help

To check your version:

Open a Terminal  &  Type:

lsb_release -a

you should then see:

No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Release: 14.04
Codename: trusty

on Ubuntu watch out for these version what will expire with Wheezy

13.10  saucy      wheezy  / sid
13.04  raring     wheezy  / sid
12.10  quantal    wheezy  / sid
12.04  precise    wheezy  / sid
11.10  oneiric    wheezy  / sid

Ideally if your on Ubuntu you need to be on one of these versions with the following end of Lifetime support Dates

Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Xenial Xerus April 2021
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Xenial Xerus April 2021
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS Trusty Tahr April 2019

Centos users look here:  https://wiki.centos.org/About/Product



Has the World gone LAMP mad? I Love LAMP, Do you ?

Happy Days ! ( ignore their faces in this video)

Who would have though I.T ?

A few years ago you would never have seen #Microsoft MCP working from a #Mac especially promoting one of their products. With #Devops comes many #opportunities even with FREE Training !

(That was unheard of two or more years ago too!)


Can you spot the product placement in this FREE Microsoft #Azure training video. Other Laptop’s by other suppliers are also available to run Azure console.

I’ve even heard you can use Azure products on a Linux Desktop !!!

The worlds gone #LAMP mad.  I LOVE IT!

KALI web Pentration on Raspberry Zero

Didn’t take long to get our #RaspberryPi Zero working with #Kali #Linux

We’ve now got a zero footprint #Pentration tester for4G wifi or ethernet

Thanks to all working@Re4sonKernel and the @pi-tail  solution.

Another example of #OpenSource at its best. Both inivitive and useful. How else would you test Wifi Security on a train ?  LOL

Better than carrying a laptop around too , thats for sure. Look how small it is..


All is forgiven Google Cloud who needs pokemon go anyway ?

Thanks #AWS @amazon for locking us out of our brand new domain and email system for a whole week because we didn’t reply to your email in 48 hours!

So much for being a smooth switch to route53, Your admin forms and procedures suck ! We should have stayed with @godaddy

We’re now looking to go hybrid on the cloud now, maybe you should do too?Forget terraform… where’s that link again…oh yeah https://console.cloud.google.com/

Coming soon our honest cloud comparison between #Azure #AWS and #GCP

Not all cloud platform consoles are hard to use, some are actually noticeably better than others. Say goodbye to scroll bars ( on Azure) say goodbye to Java applets that don’t work ( AWS)

The cloud doesn’t need to be complicated, hard to use or slow to get used to nor 100%rocket fast.

But then again I like RDS , EFS and ELB, I like Eleastic services. Can google cloud actually deliver? Can they stop me smashing my latop screen every time #Azure makes me scroll up or down ?

Well there’s one way to find out. Good ol’ suck it and see

Probably best not to listen to media hype about #containers #Kubernetes or #openstack. If you cant do godaddys DNS job, why bother ?

I don’t like Pokemon go anyway so am i fussed about google supporting it ? Are you up for a change to your #cloud provider?

Do I care what cloud provider or technology @ITV or @Netflix or @Bloomberg are meant to be using at the moment ? or Deutche bank for that matter? Maybe you don’t have a lot of IT staff to help you. Maybe you just want whats best for your business without spending £1000 a day for a consultancy ? Do you need some impartial advice ?  Do you , Do you REALLY!?

If so contact me via linked in

©Chris Leigh Smith – Jan ’18

Do you ever have Enough Storage?

You may well have had enough of carrying Floopy disks, CDROMs or DVD’s around with you of your latest holiday pictures or critical business files?

I’ve heard rumors that some people now use iCloud or Google drive or even Dropbox to save pictures or files into.

But if you have Amazon Prime, are you aware you get “unlimited” photo storage for FREE?

It’s not just a deal till this Easter either!

Happy Snapping! < Click here for full details

Elixir back online

Due to Christmas traffic we lost Elixir Remedy website. We’ve been working hard ( ignore the picture) over Christmas to ensure things

run more smoothly.

Don’t forget to stock up  on your winter remedies from our online shop in Spring 2018

Why is Postgres database so popular ?

Neither MySQL nor Oracle are going to lose their places as the Top 2 most popular database technologies in the world anytime soon, to PostgreSQL or anything else. The trends, however, favor PostgreSQL. In part, this is because oldsters appreciate its steady reliability. Hipsters, however, are also glomming onto the virtue of boredom

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