Container Adoption Trends for 2019

The Datadog survey updated in June 2018 shows a trend where 25% of companies have already adopted Docker and the remaining ones are catching up very fast.

Kubernetes, OpenShift, Apache Mesos, and Docker Swarm, managing a platform or infrastructure with thousands of containers is now much easier. One engineer alone can now manage the heterogeneous deployments of containerized application, with the help of automation power provided by orchestrators.

A couple of years back databases were thought to be something which was kept outside of container technology, but today we have NuoDB which is a container-native and cloud-native database especially designed and developed to run on containers to support WebScale capabilities at a database level.

The benefits of containers over the VMs are already proven in applications world, so there is a very high interest across industry to reap the same benefits for telco VNFs also.RedHat &ONAP also covers this in details in internal documents

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