Delivering Kubernetes containers using atomist

Atomist provides the framework for software delivery. It’s like Rails or Spring Boot for delivering your software.

Atomist automates your software deliver experience. Teams often deliver modern software using this tool.

Cloud native applications are different, with many small, fast-moving services. Each service has its own pipeline for steps such as code formatting, vulnerability scanning, tests against staging instances and production deployment. Each pipeline integrates various tools. All these steps and tools across many services quickly become overwhelming.

Read on on how you can use Kubernetes, the easy way

Redhat OpenShift: Technology Preview 2 of Service Mesh Now Available

In this release redhat have added a whole new user interface from the upstream Kiali project. The Kiali user interface can help Istio users understand what’s happening in their service mesh, can show how the various components are connected, and can help to detect issues (HTTP 500, pod not started, misconfigurations) to better fix those.
An animated graph helps provide a more natural way to visualize both the inter-component request latency (speed of the dots) and the amount of traffic between two components

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