Mesosphere and Kubernetes, what you need to know about Orchestration

Apache Messos and Kubernetes compared directly as container orchestrators to each other but they where built with different goals in mind.

Messos was designed to simply and manage fault tolerant elastic services, such as Kubernetes. Kubenetes however was designed to manage containers

Why does this matter for container orchestration? Ultimately, most
developers want the ease and feature set of a PaaS to deploy their
applications, but both developers and PaaS’s tend to be opinionated
about their technologies and workloads, so one size fits all PaaS’s
rarely succeed broadly.

The Mesos team recognised this early and designed Mesos so users
could build opinionated workflows on top of it without being
opinionated itself.

Kubernetes launched a great API and CLI that most developers love.Mesosphere saw the potential and invested in bringing the tools into Messos.

Mesos has put together a short history of mesos and container
orchestrators by focusing on different container orchestrators and
the companies who use them.

Download the full detail in this 8MB PDF: