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Greetings !  I’m Chris Smith, founder of SOSC

I’ve worked in I.T since 1990. Each one of my Job roles have been very different from each other.

I started looking after BBC Micros at UCL and then I progressed to maintaining all PC’s in all the University’s faculties.

Later I entered the Financial Markets Information sector with Reuters and then worked for most of the Investment Banks in London as a Market Data and Linux Sysadmin Consultant.

In 2003 I first starting using Redhat Linux, although I was originally trained on SunOS, Solaris and Paramid Unix before that. In 2005  I was involved in a big roll out of 300+ RHEL servers for a International Corporate client.

I now live on the South Coast of UK between Brighton and Eastbourne, Sussex and can often seen walking my Beagle dogs or bobbing around in my dingy, fishing in Seaford Bay.

Over the last few years I’ve been getting back into Perl, Bash and YAML coding and migrating Baremetal servers to Cloud Technology  IAAS environments like AWS, Azure and Openstack.

That’s when I met ‘Dave’ the donkey.

He’s very hard working and always trying new ways of doing things.

He does eat quite a lot of carrots and is often seen in the Stable clearing out old code. Dave is available to help people who have issues with there DevOps.

Dave and I are keen OpenSourcer’s !  not saucers! and you can see some of our coding efforts in our git repo ( see below )

I’m currently helping a Large UK Goverment organisation migrate from vmWare to Azure but i’ve also just finished a large Charities (£160 Million) migration from Baremetal to AWS

Give me a shout if you need any impartial advice or help with your Open Source project. You maybe $urprised what a small #Cloud con$ultancy can do for le$$.

Please read on for any interesting things the team or I have found whilst on our DevOps Journeys

Please read on for any interesting things the team or I have found whilst on our DevOps Journeys

Look at some of Dave’s code: @git